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From the window


Lorica, Córdoba


9 minutes


Dina wants to support the march that her fellow students are undertaking to defend public education, but her grandmother won’t let her leave the house. Dina decides to sneak out and stand up for her ideals. This story is a tribute to the fallen heroes of the Santa Cruz de Lorica strike in 1969.


2022 Official Selection – Tamecine Fest, Colombia.

2022  Official Selection – Short Film Festival of Popayán, Colombia.

2022 Official Selection – Africa International Human Rights Film Festival – Nigeria, África. 

2023  Official Selection – Hacer Una Escuela De Cine Comunitario Festival, Argentina.

2023  Official Selection – Film and Literature Festival of Cajicá, Colombia.

2023  Official Selection – Caja de Cine National Festival, Colombia.

2023 – Official Selection – Golfo de Morrosquillo International Film Festival, Colombia.


2022 Caribe Dreams Fiction Ribbon Award at the Audiovisual Festival of the Montes de María, Colombia.

2023 – Special Mention at the International Film Festival of Pasto, Colombia.


CATEGORIES: Youth; Armed Conflict.