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The Powerfull


Montería, Córdoba


8 minutes 26 seconds


“The powerfull” is a person with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity. She found in bullerengue not only a way to survive and resist the armed conflict that has permeated her entire life, but also to heal those wounds that are not visible at first glance.


2023 – International and Latin American Documentary Film Festival – DOCA, Argentina.

2023 – Spiritual Film Contracorriente, Colombia. 

2023 – International Human Rights Film Festival, Colombia.

2023 – AL BORDE International Transfeminist Film Festival, Colombia.

2023 – III Festival of Short Films by Colombian Women Directors and/or Producers.

2023 – International Documentary Showcase of Bogotá – MIDBO.

2023 – International Film Festival of Norte de Santander, Colombia.

2023 – International Festival of Alternative and Community Film and Video “Ojo al Sancocho”, Germany and Colombia.

2023 – Short Film Festival of Popayán, Colombia.

2023 – Audiovisual Festival of the Montes de María – FAMMA, Colombia. 

2023– Bradfor Queer Film Festival, EEUU. 

2023 – Hacer Una Escuela De Cine Comunitario Festival, Argentina.

2024 – Official Selection – CONEXCINE Audiovisual Festival, Colombia.


2023 – Winner of 3rd place at the Diverse Film Festival of Barranquilla, Colombia.

CATEGORIES: Gender, Youth, Afro Recognition.