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Between oblivion and peace


Tumaco, Nariño


3 minutes 37 seconds


This is the story of Tumaco itself: a story of defense, territorial appropriation, and our culture. It is a story of resilience in the face of neglect and an unrelenting struggle to live in peace.


2020:  Official Selection – International Festival Cine en las Montañas, Colombia.

2020:  Official Selection – Afro Ananse Film Festival, Colombia.

2020:  Official Selection – Short Film Festival of Popayán, Colombia.

2020:  Official Selection – International Human Rights Film Festival, Colombia.

2020:  Official Selection – Ojo al Sancocho, Colombia.

2021:  Official Selection – The Americas Film Festival, Nueva York / Cali, Colombia.

2022:  Official Selection – International Festival Cine Oriente, Colombia. 

2022:  Official Selection – Cali International Film Festival, Colombia.

2023:  Official Selection – Afrocine, Colombia. 


2020: Best Documentary Short at the Cine Verde de Barichara Festival – Festiver, Colombia. 

2021: National Documentary Dreams Tape Award at the Audiovisual Festival of the Montes de María, Colombia.

2023: 2nd Place Professional Documentary at the Caja de Cine National Festival, Colombia.

CATEGORIES: Afro Recognition; Youth.