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Ibagué, Tolima


10 minutes 47 seconds


Two parallel visions of the marches that took place in Colombia in 2021, one urban and one rural, complement each other to show us the importance of fighting for our rights. Franklin and Noelia show us what it means to resist, whether in the midst of protests in the city or defending the survival of the countryside.


2021  Official Selection – International Festival Cine Oriente, Guatapé Colombia.

2021  Official Selection – Audiovisual Exhibition Pachamama, Perú.

2021 Official Selection – Madrid Human Rights Film Festival, Spain.

2022  Official Selection- Bogotá Film Festival, Colombia.

2022  Official Selection – Festival cine verde de Barichara – FESTIVER, Colombia.

2022  Official Selection – Short Film Festival of Popayán, Colombia.

2022 Official Selection – Inheritance – The Environmental Festival, Belfast, Irlanda.

CATEGORIES: Youth; Peasantry.