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Community filmmakers who went through the Historias en Kilómetros training lab between 2019-2023.
Photo: Marisol Chacón (from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, La Paz campus)

Photo: Marisol Chacón (from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, La Paz campus)

The power of community cinema was celebrated between November 11th and 13th at the 1st edition of the International Community Film Festival HEK SERRANÍA DEL PERIJÁ, held at the former ETCR (Territorial Training and Reintegration Space) of Tierra Grata, Cesar. The event is the result of a collaborative effort between the community cinema lab Historias en Kilómetros, the audiovisual collective based in Tierra Grata, La Rotativa (who participated in the HEK Training Lab in 2021), the EUNIC-Colombia cluster, and was supported by the European Union through the European Fund for Peace.

After three days, this community, which emerged after the Peace Agreements of 2016, welcomed 700 national and international guests, over 15 community film production teams from fifteen locations across the country, authorities, and numerous allied institutions.

The Festival emerged as a space for reconciliation, highlighting the efforts of peace signatories in their reintegration into civil society. This commitment to decentralizing culture mobilized over 30 tons of technical equipment for lighting, sound, and general infrastructure. The logistical challenge was successfully met with the participation of over 100 community members, stimulating the local economy in the process. The Gender Committee of the community coordinated the establishment of a gastronomic and artisanal fair, hosting nine women-led enterprises, achieving sales of nearly 10 million Colombian pesos. Additionally, other venues such as the Ethnic Fair, La Rotativa’s coffee, and the restaurant and lodging managed by EcoTours (a local tourism venture in Tierra Grata) contributed approximately 20 million pesos in revenue.

The programming included screenings of feature-length and short community films in the three competitive categories, panels, production workshops, the photographic exhibition from the Children’s Seedbed of Tierra Grata, and the launch of the documentary series Somos Historias, produced by Historias en Kilómetros.

This premiere was accompanied by the seven community film production teams from across the country that directed the episodes of the series: Milla 45 from San Martín (Cesar); Chaiñakova Producciones from Florencia (Caquetá); Sinú Audiovisual from Lorica (Córdoba); Marea Producciones from Tumaco (Nariño); Cocosur from Ibagué (Tolima); Apua Producciones from Mitú (Vaupés); and the hosts, La Rotativa from Tierra Grata (Cesar). These production teams were joined by other community film groups such as CISCA Producciones from Catatumbo (Norte de Santander); Baluarte Producciones from Montería (Córdoba); Trans-vesía Producciones from Montería (Córdoba); Las Renacientes from Buenos Aires (Cauca); Musengue Producciones from Magangué and San Basilio de Palenque (Bolívar); and Cañahuate Producciones from Pondores (La Guajira).

This three-day gathering provided an opportunity to create a national network of community filmmakers aimed at developing new collaborative projects that preserve and strengthen local narratives. The festival concluded with a concert by Masilva, who performed several songs from their repertoire, including the track “Quiero vivir en Tierra Grata,” a product of the project “Building Peace Through Sound,” which involved children from the community. Following this, a communal meal was served to over 500 attendees, and awards were presented to the following productions:

Category “Peace, Memory, and Reconciliation”


      • Voces para la paz – Best National Short Film

      • Mineland – Best National Feature Film

      • Insumisas (Spain) – Best International Film  

    Category “Beyond the Stigma”


        • Mi ranchito hermoso (Colombia)Best Short Film

        • Agromantes (Spain) – Best Feature Film 

      Category “Cinema-Memory for Girls and Boys”


          • Honga Ra Ñuu (Buscar camino) (México) – Best Short Film

        Press kit with photos and videos:

        Opening ceremony of the 1st edition of the International Community Film Festival HEK SERRANÍA DEL PERIJÁ

        Photo: Marisol Chacón (from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, La Paz campus)

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