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Yigayo yuwuerane


Montería, Córdoba


8 minutes 27 seconds


This story portrays experiences of transgender life. It highlights their participation in the fabric of their culture and nation-building efforts. It also explores their experience of resilience; despite facing rejection from their community, they continue to assert their identity within their culture. 


2023 – 19th International LesBiGayTrans Film Festival, Paraguay.

2023 – AL BORDE International Transfeminist Film Festival, Colombia.

2023 – International Festival of Alternative and Community Film and Video “Ojo al Sancocho”, Germany and Colombia.

2023 – South American Film Festival of Bonito, Brazil.

2023 – Audiovisual Festival of the Montes de María – FAMMA, Colombia. 

2023 – International Austral Film Festival, Chile.


2023 – Special Mention at the III Festival of Short Films by Colombian Women Directors and/or Producers.

2023 – 2nd Place Winner at the Diverse Film Festival of Barranquilla, Colombia.

CATEGORIES: Gender, youth, Afro recognition.