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Taking root


Tierra Grata, Cesar


10 minutes 3 seconds


The insurgent movement in Colombia has been ongoing for the past sixty years. This journey makes the home something carried on one’s shoulders wherever one goes. Now, with the Peace Process, the movement halts, and the concept of home can find a place, a land, a rootedness for this and future generations.


2022 Official Selection – Tamecine Fest, Colombia.

2022 Official Selection – Festival cine verde de Barichara – FESTIVER, Colombia.

2022 Official Selection – Short of the Year- Estados Unidos / España.

2022 Official Selection – International Human Rights Film Festival Bolivia el séptimo ojo es tuyo – Bolivia.

2022 Official Selection – International Festival Cine Oriente, Guatapé Colombia.

2022 Official Selection – Short Film Festival – Rodando en bicicleta Colombia.

2022 Official Selection – Santa Fe de Antioquia Film Festival – Caja de Pandora.

2023 Official Selection – Hacer Una Escuela De Cine Comunitario Festival, Argentina.

2023 Official Selection – Caja de Cine National Festival, Colombia.

2023 Official Selection – International Documentary Film Festival – DOCA, Argentina.

2023 Official Selection – Spiritual Film Festival Contracorriente, Colombia. 

2024 Official Selection – CONEXCINE Audiovisual Festival, Colombia.


2022 Special Jury Mention at the International Festival Cine en las Montañas, Colombia.

CATEGORIES: Gender; Youth; Armed Conflict.