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Resistance, ancestral spirit


Florencia, Caquetá


11 minutes 28 seconds


This is the life story of the cabildo (chief) of the Coreguaje cabildo, displaced in the city of Florencia. His experiences reflect the journey of an entire community and their struggle to preserve their ancestry amidst a world that is not their own.


2021:  Official Selection – International Festival Cine Oriente, Guatapé Colombia.

2021:  Official Selection – Audiovisual Exhibition Pachamama, Perú.

2022:  Official Selection – International Festival Cine en las Montañas, Colombia.

2022:  Official Selection –Festival cine verde de Barichara – FESTIVER, Colombia.

2022:  Official Selection – Hispanic-American Encounter of Independent Documentary Cinema and Video: Contra el Silencio Todas las Voces – Mexico.

2022:  Official Selection – International Film Festival – El cine Suma Paz, Colombia.

2022:  Official Selection – International Human Rights Film Festival Bolivia el séptimo ojo es tuyo – Bolivia.

2022:  Official Selection – DAUPARÁ – Indigenous Film and Video Exhibition of Colombia.

2023: Official Selection –  Indigenous Skábmagovat Film Festival ‘s, Finlandia.

2023:  Official Selection – The 11th Annual Arlington International Film Festival, EEUU.

CATEGORIES: Indigenous Recognition; Armed Conflict.